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#1 Teeth Whitening in Denver!

Denver's highest rated teeth whitening company specializing in sensitive teeth! Immediate & amazing results!

We offer the EXCLUSIVE instaSEAL finishing treatment after whitening so you can eat/drink and use tobacco immediately plus highly recommended for sensitive teeth! No other company has a sealant to allow you this freedom immediately! 

confiDENT's all-natural whitening gel can remove stain due to tobacco, braces, medication with no pain or sensitivity.

Have your bright, white smile today! 


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confiDENT teeth whitening's innovative system exclusive to 5280 Teeth Whitening provides deep stain removal, lifting years of discoloration from the top layer, enamel and tooth core with no pain or sensitivity.



  • Ideal for clients looking to achieve maximum results in one appointment who have had no prior professional whitening. 

  • Highly recommended for heavily stained teeth due to years of tobacco, dark beverages/food, braces, medication and have scheduled dental work for caps/veneers/bonding.

  • Individualized treatment rooms in a relaxing spa environment.

  • Couples room for 2 people is available.

  • Performed start-to-finish In one office visit.

  • Majority of clients achieve their desired shade in one appointment.

Total Appointment Time : 75 Minutes 




  • Ideal for clients who have used whitening strips and trays to remove stain.

  • Highly recommended for clients who have light to moderate stain. 

  • Individualized treatment room in a relaxing spa environment. 

  • Couples room for 2 people is available. 

  • Performed start-to-finish In one office visit

  • Majority of clients achieve their desired shade in one appointment.

Total Appointment Time : 60 Minutes



confiDENT Teeth Whitening's Touch Up restores the bright results achieved by a previous teeth whitening, quickly removing newly formed stains from the tooth enamel surface.

  • Restore the bright, white results of a previous Premium Teeth Whitening
    (4 - 6  Months following a Premium Teeth Whitening)


At the time of your initial teeth whitening, a Touch Up Teeth Whitening may be recommended if extreme advanced staining is present.

  • Further enhance the results of a Premium Teeth Whitening
    (1 - 2 Weeks following a Premium Teeth Whitening)

Total Appointment Time : 30 Minutes



Introduced in 2015, confiDENT Teeth Whitening System's new

instaSEAL Finishing Treatment has revolutionized the whitening process. Designed for clients who wish to have the freedom after whitening to disregard the "30 Hour Water/White Diet " and "no tobacco rule" while further eliminating sensitivity.


  • instaSEAL Treatment takes place immediately following a teeth whitening treatment.

  • Accelerates the speed at which the enamel pores close, providing a full seal following a whitening treatment.

  • Allows clients  to immediately resume a color diet and tobacco use.

  • Hydrates teeth while returning vital minerals and vitamins often associated with tooth sensitivity.

Active Treatment Time : 10 Minutes


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