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Are People With Whiter Teeth More Successful?

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The more pragmatic among us recognize that people with whiter teeth are often more aesthetically pleasing, but are there any real-world, measurable benefits to having your teeth professionally whitened? Can it earn you more money? Help with your relationships? Improve your mental health?

The evidence says yes.

Scientific studies are nonexistent regarding the relative success of people with whiter teeth, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any evidence. Just take a look at the cosmetic dentistry industry itself. A 2020 market analysis by Market Insights Reports states that the global cosmetic dentistry market size was USD 23.02 billion in 2018, and is projected to reach USD 43.06 billion by 2026. Clearly, teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures are only growing in popularity.

It stands to reason that the benefits of such an overwhelmingly popular procedure are far more profound than mere aesthetics. The benefits of teeth whitening are quite similar to losing weight and getting in shape—these things don’t just make you look better, they make you feel better. And when you feel better, you tell your friends. And they decide to follow suit, so they get their teeth whitened too, and so on.

More often than not, a service is popular because it’s effective. In this way, the evidence is all around you.

So, how do the profound benefits of professional teeth whitening actually make you successful? It’s a domino effect—you love your new smile, which raises your self-esteem. Higher self-esteem increases your confidence. Higher self-confidence increases your chances of landing that job, landing that pay raise, asking your crush out, improving your current relationship—the list goes on to affect nearly every aspect of your life.

Are people with a whiter smile more successful? They are far more than that. A whiter smile helps you realize your self-worth. And when you realize what you’re worth, everyone around you does too.

If you’d like further evidence, you’ll find it after your teeth-whitening procedure.

I sure did.

5280 Teeth Whitening is excited to be working with Walker Kornfield to create original blog content. Walker Kornfield is a freelance writer/editor and happy teeth-whitening client. Drop him a line at Watchword Writing and Editing Services.



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