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Straight White Teeth...Is It Important?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

How important is to have straight white teeth and is it necessary? Having a bright, white pearly smile can make a big difference and impact on your life. A shining set of straight pearly whites not only improve how others perceive you physically, but it also increases your self-confidence and esteem level. Millions of adults, teens and children have changed their life with having some type of dental braces and improving their lives and their health by getting their teeth and their bites corrected.

1. Appearance The number one reason why people get their teeth straightened and whitened is due to wanting to fix a look or appearance. No one will deny that straight white teeth are more attractive than crooked, yellow teeth. If your teeth have appearance flaws that have been bothering you, teeth straightening may work in your favor. Straight teeth also prevent teeth from getting fractured. By straightening your teeth, you are protruding your teeth back inside your mouth, reducing the chance of injury.

2. Health Straight teeth are healthier teeth. Regardless if you want straight teeth or not for the appearance, straight teeth are also known for fewer cavities and are less likely to have problems with discoloration and uneven wear. The gums also remain healthier due to teeth positioning. In addition to having fewer sensitive teeth, straight teeth are also less likely to be sensitive to the heat or cold. This also helps decrease your chance of developing gum disease later on in life.

3. Self-confidence If you need a boost in self-esteem or self-confidence, consider straightening and whitening your teeth. Truth be told, appearance does matter. Especially in our current society. Studies have proven over and over that an attractive appearance raises self-confidence and can raise your attraction levels to the people around you. Your smile is a physical reflection of you – extremely important in first impressions. Having a straight set of bright, white teeth can raise your esteem tenfold.

4. Bad bite If you are suffering various bite problems such as overbite or underbites, a teeth alignment can help decrease excessive wear on your teeth and save yourself from possible jaw joint problems in the near future. Crowded teeth or an overbite can lead to swollen, red or bleeding gums that can lead to difficulty in brushing and flossing around them. If you were to fix your overbite or underbite with teeth straightening, you can also potentially live longer.

Conclusion People with straight teeth are also more encouraged to floss their teeth for longer periods and keep a routine. Since straight teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain, you will be less likely to have gum disease and heart disease if you keep up a solid dental routine in addition to your straight teeth.

If you are looking to boost your appearance and self-confidence levels, look to invest in straightening and whitening your teeth. Not only does this raise attraction and esteem, but it also increases the health of your teeth while decreasing your chances of catching major oral dilemmas such as cavities, gum disease or even cancer. Do yourself a favor and straighten your teeth as the first step to a perfect, shining smile.

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