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What Makes 5280 Teeth Whitening Different Than Any Other Teeth Whitening Company?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

We are often asked, "What makes 5280 Teeth Whitening Different Than Any Other Teeth Whitening Company.” Is it the whitening light, the whitening gel or the process? These are very good questions and ones we are always happy to explain.

Basically, all of the professional teeth whitening companies use the same full size standing light. The light that is used to whiten the teeth is just an LED light which is just a bigger version of what they use at a dentist office and there is no UV. It is very safe and will help the pores on your teeth to open faster to remove the stain. You won’t feel the pores opening but this is what the light accomplishes. It is not a laser light as referred to in the industry.

Next, the whitening gel. It is the whitening gel that make all of the difference when it comes to teeth whitening! 5280 Teeth Whitening has an exclusive whitening gel made just for our company in New York by confiDENT as we specialize in sensitive teeth and it is all natural. The gel is a food grade hydrogen peroxide and aloe vera based. It does not cause any sensitivity or pain since it is all natural and hydrates your teeth as they are whitening. We achieve the best results due to it being all natural and it does not compromise the integrity of the enamel. We know many of the teeth whitening companies will use Zoom ,which is extremely painful as it is very strong and you have to have a gum barrier applied to your gums as it will burn your gum extensively if should get on them. Another popular teeth whitening gel is DaVinci which we don’t use as it does cause pain and sensitivity during and after the whitening and can burn your gums too.

Last, the process. The process is very different for each company since we use different whitening gels. 5280 Teeth Whitening has very clean private treatment rooms and disinfected throughly between appointments plus at night by a disinfecting company. We follow the Covid-19 guidelines so it is safe and everyone is vaccinated.

We know over 99% of the companies do not offer private treatment rooms and it is an open area where you sit with other people. Depending on your treatment you are scheduled for the appointment can take up to 75 minutes or as little as 35 minutes. Our process is to do a starting shade test on your teeth then the whitening treatment(s) as you lay and relax on a long chair. After the whitening process is done, you have the option of adding on the instaSEAL Finishing Treatment (exclusive to our company from New York) which takes 10 minutes and eliminates the 30 hour restrictions plus deposits vitamins and minerals as it closes up the pores on your teeth. It will keep your smile whiter longer and we highly recommend it for sensitive teeth.

As with any professional whitening, it is always best to ask all of your question before you come in so you feel relaxed when you arrive, but we are always happy to answer them at time of appointment too.

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