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You Can Look Younger, More Attractive, Wealthier & Smarter!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

When you were younger, your parents told you over and over again how important it was to brush your teeth. They were right but they may not have realized why. Surveys and studies have consistently shown that white, evenly spaced teeth make people more attractive to others. The reasoning behind this is simple and can be compared to the animal equivalent of a peacock’s tail. Perfect teeth that are straight and white are good signs of health and genetic quality that can help you choose a mate.

In one study, a group of younger men and women were shown a variety of photos of models that had teeth ranging in three shades-

  • Yellowish brown

  • Healthy white

  • Bleached white

These people were then asked which they found most attractive. Obviously, the yellow teeth were found to be the least attractive. One surprising twist to this study is that the state of the teeth was almost as important as their color! This means that while you may have white teeth, if they are crooked you may be overlooked by potential sex partners! When males are viewing females/males and when females are looking at males/females, teeth are one of the first areas of the body that they look at. Each think about instant attraction meanwhile they are sizing up their competition. Teeth are used to judge age, health, and (perhaps subconsciously) fertility.

Your White Smile Can Make a Huge Impact

White teeth can make a huge impact on your appearance and it can also affect your personal and professional relationships. A white smile can have a larger impact on your life than you could have imagined.

A white smile can make people think that you are-

  • Younger

  • More attractive

  • Wealthier

  • More well-educated

In fact, whiter teeth can make you look five to 10 years younger than you actually are! While you may not think that’s a lot, when you compare it to a facelift that can make people look only four to six years younger, it’s tremendous!

To further compare it to a facelift, this procedure won’t increase how attractive you are at all. It will simply tighten your wrinkles and eliminate fine lines. On the other hand, teeth whitening can increase your attractiveness by a lot. Yellow teeth and bad breath are one of the top concerns for those who are dating. These two issues beat out bad hair and bald spots as concerns with appearances when looking at potential partners.

If you want to look wealthier, the first thing you need to do is whiten your teeth. People assume that those with pearly white teeth make more money than those with yellow teeth. Furthermore, people with white teeth are more employable than those with dull, yellowish teeth.

Your White Teeth Has A Lot To Do With Your Success

Your appearance can have a lot to do with your success financially, professionally, and personally. A study that was recently conducted showed that whiter teeth can lead to improved relationships and employment.

Do You Want Whiter Teeth?

Yellow teeth are a very common cosmetic concern for people throughout the United States. In fact, discolored teeth are one of the largest complaints that people have about their smiles. Thankfully, this concern is one of the most treatable conditions that people suffer from.

Teeth whitening, along with treatment for bad breath, are common procedures at our dental boutique. We offer both in-office and take-home whitening treatments. We can help you find the best option based on-

  • The nature of your stains

  • How white you want your teeth to be

  • How quickly you want to see results

At 5280 Teeth Whitening, we have an exclusive line made just for our company! It is the confiDENT teeth whitening system made in the USA and in New York City. It is all natural with a food grade hydrogen peroxide and aloe vera base so there is no pain or sensitivity as it hydrates the teeth as it is whitening. You will love your results in only one hour! We are the only company to offer the instaSEAL Finishing Treatment which you can add on at the end of your appointment to eliminate the 30 hour restrictive diet/tobacco rule plus it keeps your teeth whiter longer! It deposits vital minerals and vitamins into your teeth in only 10 minutes and It is highly recommended for sensitive teeth. Call us at 303.522.5656 to help you schedule today!

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